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How do I go forward?

It is a big decision to embark on therapy. You want to know you have found the right person. You want to know that I am familiar with the issues you want to explore. You want to feel I am on your wavelength. You want to know what you are letting yourself in for. You want to know how you get into therapy and how you get out.

If you are interested, please do email me for a free confidential chat about what therapy involves and how I might be able to help.

Generally, after we have had a chance to speak or email, we will have an initial consultation, which might last up to one and a half hours, to meet each other, to hear more about your reasons for considering therapy and for you to learn more about me and how I work. We might decide that we want more than one such consultation before we decide to go ahead.

If you do decide to go ahead with therapy, I offer weekly or twice-weekly individual sessions of 50 minutes. The sessions will be at the same time each week in my consulting room and these will be your dedicated session days and times until you decide to end. If you cannot get to my consulting room I can offer sessions online via Zoom or occasionally by phone.  I usually work on an open-ended basis but I do also offer short-term therapy - generally for about 12 sessions - if this seems better suited to your needs.

Unless we agree in advance to a designated short-term programme, it is not helpful to try and guess how long therapy will last. It is different for everyone. Your therapy will last as long as it is needed and right for you. We will discuss the ending together when the time comes and when it feels appropriate and we will keep this under review as we go forward.

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